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Review: Release Me (Stark Trilogy #1) by J. Kenner

Release Me
(Stark Trilogy #1)
by J. Kenner
Adult Erotic Romance
Published Jan 1, 2013
by Random House Publishing Group
*Ebook obtained from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

He was the one man I couldn’t avoid. And the one man I couldn’t resist.

Damien Stark could have his way with any woman. He was sexy, confident, and commanding: Anything he wanted, he got. And what he wanted was me.

Our attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as I ached to be his, I feared the pressures of his demands. Submitting to Damien meant I had to bare the darkest truth about my past—and risk breaking us apart.

But Damien was haunted, too. And as our passion came to obsess us both, his secrets threatened to destroy him—and us—forever.

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About the Author:
J. Kenner spent more than ten years as a litigator in Southern California and Central Texas, using her rare free time to indulge her passion for writing. California born, she now lives—and writes—in Texas, with her husband and daughters.

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My Review:

Wow! This book was amazing!

There are several similarities between this and Fifty Shades and Bared to You  (minus the BDSM hard play). BUT this book is even better. I honestly enjoyed this novel more.

The characters are great & yet broken. They're fighting their own battles from their screwed up childhood lives (Nikki Fairchild - a Pageant star and Damien Stark  [such a freaking sexy name btw] a childhood tennis star). Nikki grew up being pruned by her mother to be what she felt was the proper lady. Standing up straight, never leaving your house without makeup, always look your best & keep on your social face. In order to feel something, anything, except like her mother's perfect little doll, she starts cutting. She ends up with scars all over her hips & thighs, which makes her completely self-conscious. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to ruin certain elements of the plot which leave you gasping for air so I'll stop there. Damien... oh lovely Damien. He was a tennis star when he was younger - pushed by his father and coach until he hated it. Now Damien is a multi-billion dollar business man - own businesses in so many different categories I can't even begin to list them all. He's completely alpha male - exuding an air of total control when he's in the room. Few would understand how much he actually struggles in life - he's never opened up emotionally to anyone. You begin to watch as Nikki & Damien try to open up and put their demons to rest with each other. The journey is both heart wrenching & heart soaring. 

Okay - plus sexy. The sexual scenes are seriously hot and you can't seem to get enough of them. The writing is absolutely flawless - sensual, raw, emotional... passionate... Loved it! I absolutely adored how Nikki let loose of her inner temptress and how Damien couldn't get enough of her.

I loved this quote describing Damien:
"He’s like an iceberg, Texas. The deep parts are well hidden and what you do see is hard and a little bit cold."
Throw Nikki's best friends with their own quirky habits and problems = you have one heck of a group.

Thank goodness the ending isn't a drastic cliffhanger (I've had too many of those lately - leaving my sanity quite broken.... okay, more broken than it already is) but there's definitely much left unresolved. I can't wait to get book 2!!! This is going to be one hell of a series. Damn it's hot in here.....*fan myself* Sigh....

Overall Rating: 5 Huge, Hot Stars!

Cover Rating: 4 Stars - yes this is a very simple cover but seriously represents a few hot scenes that are now burned into my brain! *swoon*

Characters: 5 Stars - I honestly loved each and every one of them for different reasons & quirks
Plot: 4.5 Stars
Climax: 4 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars <-I really can't complain but I can't wait for book 2!

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