About Me

I hope to stay 29 forever although I just turned 31.... Don't tell anyone... shhhhhhhh  
I graduated college... Now I'm back in college getting my Masters.
I used to work with physicians every day. Now I teach middle school math. 
I love Saints & Panthers Football...
I love photography.
I love loud music.
I love the cold weather & snuggling up in my Browning jacket.
This Louisiana weather doesn't like me and I don't like it.
Plus I LOVE a good glass of wine...okay, maybe 2 or 3 glasses on occasion ;)

I love to READ! I'd rather be reading than working...
Well... I'd rather read than be doing almost anything else short of spending time with my son & husband. I read to escape the reality that is "normal" life.  I read every second of the day that is free. I read paperbacks, on my Iphone, or my Kindle Fire... going to bed, waiting in line at the store, when I wake up earlier than my alarm clock... literally - every second that I'm free to do so. My tastes vary far and wide.

Honestly, if I could have my dream job, it would be reading & reviewing novels, working with a publishing co, or stiving to become a NY Times Best Selling Author...

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Thanks for stopping by & chatting with me! I try my best to respond to every post but it does take me a few days! Don't think I'm ignoring you - I promise, "non-fiction" life just gets me bogged down sometimes. :) Thanks again!!! I <3 my followers