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Cover Reveal: Finding Valor by Charlotte Abel

Cover Reveal for Charlotte Abel's 3rd book in the Channie Series! Eeek! I'm excited!

Channie has been kidnapped by her momma and Josh's memory was wiped clean. In this final book of the series, their journey doesn’t get any easier. They must rely on all they’ve learned and all they’ve overcome just to survive. But as the mage war escalates, the choices become harder. It’s not just their lives and love on the line. The power hungry leader of the Veyjivik clan will do anything, including murder, to accomplish her goal of world domination. Josh must leave behind the boy he was and embrace his heritage to become the man he was meant to be, or all will be lost.

Download Kindle Bestsellers ENCHANTMENT and TAKEN by Charlotte Abel at Amazon
Get the new release, RIVER'S RECRUIT

About the Author:
Charlotte Abel was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her soulmate, Pete. She chased him to Boulder, Colorado and finally convinced him they were meant to be together forever. They've raised three kids, two ferrets, three dogs and countless hamsters -- and are still happily married.

She's in love with "real" life and paranormal romance. When she's not reading or writing, Charlotte enjoys hiking, bicycling and primitive archery (although she's never shot at anything other than a target!)

The final book of The Channie Series, "Finding Valor," will be available in Spring of 2013.

Look for "River's Remorse," the second book of "The Sanctuary Series" in late 2013.

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So what do you guys think?!
I like it! I think it goes along with bk 1 & 2 Covers!

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DAC Review: Hooked by Liz Fichera

(Hooked #1)
by Liz Fichera
YA Contemporary Romance
Published January 29, 2013 by Harlequin Teen

*Self-Purchased Ebook*
DAC 2013

Synopsis via Goodreads:

When Native American Fredricka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team, she can’t say no. This is an opportunity to shine, win a scholarship and go to university, something no one in her family has done.

But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger, whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for Fred.

But there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile...


Grab Your Copy:


About the Author:
Liz is an author living in the American Southwest by way of Chicago. Her YA debut HOOKED released in January 2013 from HarlequinTEEN. Its companion, PLAYED, releases in 2014.

Connect with the Author: Facebook     Goodreads    Website     Twitter

My Review:

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Hooked. I'm not a big fan of golf.... so I thought I would be bored out of my mind honestly... I was thinking to myself "how in the world will the author make this interesting?"

Well, she did it!

I adored this novel. It's a beautiful tale of personal growth and overcoming prejudice. The characters are great, the plot has an easy flow & movement, the attachment to the main characters was strong, and overall, it was a great read. 

Fred, a Native American girl who lives on the local Reservation, is a great golf player. Her family life is a constant struggle because her mother has become attached to a beer can and is the exact opposite of an encouraging parent. I feel bad for Fred :( 

She gains the attention of the High School Golf Coach and he basically begs her to play on the all boys team (there isn't a girls team at the school). With dreams of going to college, despite her mom's constant statement that she'll be working at the local restaurant the rest of her life, she decides to play. Her dad is absolutely precious. I adore his character & wanted to give him a hug all throughout the book because he's an amazing man. 

Ahhh, to say that the boys on the golf team were less than welcoming is an understatement. Of course, one guy gets cut so she can have a place on the team, so you can imagine the drama that comes from it. I thought that once they saw that she was a great player, they'd warm up to her, but it wasn't so easy. 

Fred ends up paired with Ryan, who she happened to dump an entire plate of cake on at the local restaurant one day, and FINALLY he starts to acknowledge the fact that she exists. Ryan struggles to accept her on the team because it was his best friend that gets cut. 

I really liked Ryan's character (even though he has his douchey moments) because you start to see him evolving and growing as a person. He begins to see that his friends aren't as great as they once were. They're bitter, stuck up, and hateful. 

Watching Ryan evolve into a better person & watching Fred struggle to keep her game face on despite the ugly looks and comments makes this novel a great read. 

There's a few nail biting moments that help keep the pace up tempo and the plot moving. There's also several Native American words and glimpses into their customs that are great. I learned several new words and also a new insight into their cultures.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the companion novel once it's released. 

Overall rating: 4 Stars
Cover Rating: 4 Stars 
Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 5 Stars
Climax: 4 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars

Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Forever My Girl (Beaumont #1) by Heidi McLaughlin

Forever My Girl
(Beaumont #1)
by Heidi McLaughlin
Contemporary Romance
Published December 26, 2012 by Bandit Publishing

*Self-Purchased Ebook*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.

I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile.

And now I’m going back.

After ten years.

I hope I can explain that after all this time.

I still want her to be my forever girl.

Grab Your Copy:


About the Heidi per her Goodreads Profile:

"My grandma once told me that I can do anything I want, so I am.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I now live in picturesque Vermont, with my husband and two daughters. Also renting space in our home is an overhyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets.

During the day you'll find me behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, I'm writing one of the many stories I plan to release or sitting courtside during either daughter's basketball games.

I'm also an active reviewer on The Readiacs - a site I own with my best friend and uber special beta, Yvette."

Connect with Heidi: Facebook   Goodreads    Twitter    Website

 My Review:

Oh my gosh... I <3 this book. I think I've found another book to add to my Beloveds!! 

First off, the characters are actually around my age... at least, that's the perspective that I gathered. That isn't something I come across often so I loved it. 

Liam & Josie were supposed to go to college, Liam would move on to play NFL, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. That was the cookie cutter ending that everyone hopes for and most high-school sweethearts expect. Liam went off to college alone and found his real passion=music. With some advice from a grandmother he had never met until then, he ended up trying to follow his dreams and take a chance. That's all great and dandy, but he totally went about it the wrong way. He decided to cut EVERYONE out of his life and move to LA without looking back until he could prove that he could do it. To say that he left on crappy terms with his parents is like the understatement of the year. 

Well, he did great things in the world of music - became an uber fabulous rock star & was living the life... eh... if you call the way he was living actually "living". He still loved Josie and could never fill the void left by not having her. She was supposed to be his Forever Girl... 

Well, that all came to a halt when his best friend that he abandoned passes away. He decides to go back to his hometown for the funeral....and to see how Josie is - if she moved on, if she now has a family of her own, if she doesn't.... His trip doesn't go as planned - definitely not the "in and out" situation he had imagined.

OK, I have to stop there because I can't ruin the rest of the plot for you. Let me just say that there's a twist and it brings Liam to his knees. You get to see how much he truly loved/loves Josie. He's willing to go the extra mile to be the best he can be and make up for the time he's missed. 

I absolutely adored this novel. I loved the plot, the characters, the climax, the ending... 

The only thing that sticks out in my mind that kinda bugged me was Josie's attitude - back and forth, back and forth... I mean, c'mon girl, you know you love him and you know life will never be the same without him... Yea, Liam definitely pulled a douchebag move when he left like he did. It was just frustrating to watch Josie push his efforts to make things better away constantly. This was just a small point though - the novel is absolutely amazing even with Josie's annoying little tid-bits, LoL. 

So I could go on and on and on. But I won't. 

I'll just say that my overall rating: Definitely 5 Stars. I loved it. 
Cover Rating: 5 Stars <--I LOVE this freaking cover! Love it! 
Characters: 4 Stars
Plot: 5 Stars
Climax: 4.5 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars :)


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IMM #24 / STS #18

This week has been a week I can't forget soon enough >_<
I've been absent pretty much all week because last Sunday, my little H started running 101.6 fever! Soooo we were up all night, made a trip to the docs office during the week = Bronchitis! Eck!
Of course guess who else gets sick = Me! Eck!
So both H & I have been sick allllllll week long. Still taking our meds & such. I haven't read much all week, I didn't get to blog at all any during the week... I barely made it to work and back home before drinking NyQuil straight from the bottle and going to sleep... Ha.

But I'm Back Now! Lots of catching up to do! I probably missed a million fabulous announcements this week so fill me in on fun news that I need to know! Pleeaaseee :)

Alrighty - Down to Books!

I didn't purchase anything at all... all week long.... 
Since I couldn't even hold my eyes open to read, I couldn't even book shop... 
Seriously, that's just depressing right?

But I did get some fun things in the mail that I'm excited about!

Literally In My Mailbox:
*Happy Dance*
Fabulous If You Stay postcards from Courtney Cole!
When I read/review If You Stay, I'll be giving one of these beauties away ^_^
Thank you Courtney!!!!

For Review - Directly from the publisher:

Okay - this is kinda random but I have to admit that Jolly Fish Press has the cutest freaking logo of any Publishing entity I've ever seen, LoL. I mean, c'mon - look at that cute little fish on the spine of the novel. <3

For Review - Directly from the author:

Misc. News that I DID happen to catch:

Author Ife Oshun just released a prequel to Blood to Blood which I read/reviewed a while back. 
The title is Tentacles & it's about the character Sawyer Creed. I'm intrigued because he's one character that you really want to know more about. He has several quirks and is very mysterious. 

If you didn't catch my updated post yesterday about A Shade of Vampire, go check it out. 
Bella has released a teaser - the first 6 chapters - so go stop by & read them. I think this vamp series has tons of potential!

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Review: Beauty from Pain (Beauty #1) by Georgia Cates

Beauty from Pain
(Beauty #1)
by Georgia Cates
Adult Romance
Published January 29, 2013

*Ebook won via blog giveaway*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

They agreed on three months...but their love knew no boundaries.

Jack McLachlan is a winemaking magnate and easily one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors. His success and wealth make him no stranger to the complications of romantic relationships and that’s why he goes to extreme measures to avoid the hassle. He prefers simplicity in the form of a beautiful female companion with no strings attached. He arranges relationships like business deals and they’re always the same. No long term relationships. No real names.

It’s his game and his rules. He’s content to play as usual, but when Laurelyn Prescott enters his life, his strategy must change because this player is like none he's ever encountered. His world is turned on its head after he begins a three month affair with the beautiful American musician. Nothing goes according to plan and as he breaks more and more of his own rules for her, she’s exceptionally close to becoming something he never thought possible. His ultimate game changer.

Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.

Grab Your Copy:
About the Author:
Per Georgia's blog - She's a wife, mom of 2 daughters, and a L&D Nurse. Of course, now, she can add Author to that list! Her debut novel was Blood of Anteros - a Paranormal romance. She recently hit the New York Times Best Sellers List with Beauty From Pain!! Yay!
Connect with Georgia:
Goodreads       Website      Twitter      Pinterest

My Review:

 Where to start! I guess I can start from the cover to the juicy details.

Seriously - take another look at this cover. It's STUNNING! Love it!

Now, down to the rest of the juicy details within the cover... Oh boy... hold on to your knickers ;)

I LOVED this book.

First off, the characters:
You have Laurelyn, our lead female, who is getting over a rough break up (well, do you even call it that - he was freaking married & she didn't know it! Douchebag...) and decides to go with her best friend to Australia for a few months to stay at her bestie's brother's house.

Enter Jack... ooh la la. He's a hot, rich, vineyard owning, private man... did I say hot? LoL See, Jack has this quirky relationship habit (again, can I call it that?) where he scouts out a woman of his choice and they make an agreement to spend a few weeks together. He never tells them his real name, never takes them home, never tells them anything that could potentially lead them to find out who he REALLY is. It's an interesting take on a relationship - that's for sure. Definitely a creative way to have your cake, eat it, & not let anyone know who the baker is... LoL

Jack is in town for a steady three months so he decides to take a chance & change up his routine. He wants to stick with the same "relationship" for 3 months instead of just a couple weeks. While scouting for his next woman, he finds Laurelyn. I absolutely loved how he gets his information while at the bar. Too fun! Well, turns out, it's a perfect match: he wants 3 months & she's only in the country for 3 months. Win win right? Well, from the beginning, everything with Laurelyn is different.

Oh yea  - I forgot to mention... her bestie's brother has the hots for Laurelyn too. There's a lot of male testosterone being thrown around because he wants Laurelyn all to himself while they're here for 3 months. It gets ugly a few times because he definitely is a jealous type. 

Oh... and then there's one of Jack's other "girlfriends" who happened to figure out who he really is... and she's one jealous, crazy biatch. >_<

Well, I don't want to include spoilers, so I'm not going to go into much more detail with regards to the plot & outcomes.

The plot moves smoothly, the characters are extremely likable, the emotion is high, the sex is hot, and it keeps you on your toes.Of course there are a few moments of predictability but these days, there's few novels that don't have a few moments like that - especially when it comes to romance.

Overall, definitely 5 stars! Loved it. I couldn't put it down.

Cover Rating: 5 Huge Stars
Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 4.5 Stars
Climax: 4.5 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars <--I NEED BOOK 2 NOWWWWWWW

Review: A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

Bella has released a sneak peak for those of you who haven't read A Shade of Vampire yet!
The first 6 chapters are up for you to read!
A Shade of Vampire
by Bella Forrest
YA Paranormal Romance
Published December 14, 2012
Kindle Edition: 147 Pages
*Ebook obtained directly from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

On the evening of Sofia Claremont's 17th birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake.

A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood.

She is kidnapped to an island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine.

An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes here as a slave, a captive in chains.

Sofia's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she is the one selected out of hundreds of girls to join the harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal Prince.

Despite his addiction to power and obsessive thirst for her blood, Sofia soon realizes that the safest place on the island is within his quarters, and she must do all within her power to win him over if she is to survive even one more night.

Will she succeed? ...or is she destined to the same fate that all other girls have met at the hands of the Novaks?

Get Your Copy:  
Amazon Link

Connect With The Author:

My Review:

Wow! What a great start to a new world of vampires. Loved this short read and can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

I enjoy reading paranormal novels that are based in a modern day type setting - this story has a twist. Sofia's birthday got interesting - that's for sure - but she would've never imagined being whisked away to an island with a fortress underground & penthouses in the trees. I love how creative the vampire's world is thus far. Even though this is a very short read, Bella writes just enough details into the story that you have a pretty good image in your mind of the setting. I'd sure love to see these freaking penthouse tree-houses, LoL. Can I have one in my backyard? I would need a ladder though - I can't jump like a vampire - sadly.

The characters are fabulously created. I really enjoyed reading from both Sofia's perspective & Derek's perspective. Sofia comes off as being a meek character - I sort of think of a bunny - but then you see that she actually has a backbone too. She's a very empathetic person & I loved it. Derek - oh Derek - *swoon* - waking up from a spell that was meant to make him sleep forever. After several decades, he's now in a world where he doesn't know about some of the modern day inventions: movies, cell phones, toasters, LoL. It makes him seem vulnerable in ways but then you realize that he means business. Everyone looks up to him as a leader but he seems tired of the drama that comes along with being a leader. His dad obviously doesn't like having to fall under his son & his brother Lucas *urg* sure doesn't like it. His sister Vivianne seems respectful - as well as most of the other vampires you see throughout the story. Lucas is definitely a good Bad Guy. I really dislike him - which is why he's the bad guy. That guy needs to fall in line & understand his brother is lead dog.

Even though it's an incredibly short read, it's full of emotion & connections. I didn't feel rushed & there was just enough balance in the details given to where I grasped a clear picture of everything. The ending is definitely a cliff hanger in an emotional sort of way. I can't wait to continue on with the story & the world that Bella has created. I can definitely see this novel going places! There's so much room for this storyline to grow & become an amazing full-length series.

The only downfall of the entire book would be the cover. I would love to see someone get ahold of the story and create a new cover because, sadly, I would've passed this right up if I was to pass it in the store or see it online. :(

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Cover Rating: 1 Star <- the image itself is quite pretty - just doesn't connect to the story to me?
Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 4 Stars
Climax: 4 Stars

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IMM #23 / STS #18

IMM Info @ The Story Siren
****Happy Dance****
I had an AMAZING Week!!!
First off, my bday started off the week alright... So I turned a year *Younger* Wink wink ;)
That's what I've been telling everyone anyways. Ha.
With that in mind - Don't forget!
Go enter my birthday bash giveaway!
I'm giving away Ebooks, tons of swag I've collected
AND an Amazon Giftcard!
I didn't get any books for my birthday in particular, but I was able to snag a few otherwise!
So first off...I'm so excited to report this... I won an ARC of the novel she's working on now - WIDE AWAKE! PLUS a  KINDLE FIRE & 4 EBOOKS from the Fabulous Shelly Crane! Eeeeek!! Yes, you heard me right! I'm super excited about this! Seriously doing happy dances since I found out! ^_^
I received it in the mail today! Amazing way to start off my weekend!
She also sent me signed bookmarks for Significance & Wide Awake!!!
That's big for you because I love to share so I'll have some up for grabs soon! ^_^

Eeeeek!!! So happy!!
What 4 ebooks did she send you ask? Well let me tell you!!!

Eeek! I'm super excited to start reading! I actually already started reading Beauty From Pain. I couldn't help myself! LoL I have had a post-it on my desk over 2 weeks now because a co-worker has been reading it and said I would love it! (It's really good too! I'm over halfway through it & LOVE it!)
So what else did I grab this week??
Just fyi guys & gals - The whole series is on sale for $.99 right now!
Get them! I think the sale is over today & then it goes back up to the regular price.
Received Via NetGalley:
That's right - you read it right! The Eden TRILOGY! Keary Taylor recently told us all via her blog that she's hitting unpublished on "Eden" because it's been renamed "The Bane" and being released as book 1 of a new trilogy! Eeek! I'm excited for Keary Taylor!
So I was perusing Facebook - stalking a few of my fave authors & a few up & coming authors I'm following ;) - and found some super exciting news!!!!!
Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams is set to release June 4, 2013!!!!
(I'm already planning to take like the entire week off of work so I can mourn my loss AGAIN LoL)
Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams is set to release October 29, 2013!!!!
Teresa Mummert is releasing an updated version of White Trash Beautiful  (added content)July 16, 2013!
Teresa's Honor & Betray Book 4 is set to release August 15, 2013!!! Can't wait!!!
Teresa's Suicide Note is set to release October 15, 2013!!!! Can't wait for this either!
Abbi Glines is Re-writing Breathe! (She's adding in some steamy scenes so it matches the rest of the series more) Eeek! Love it! Can't wait!
Amanda Stone released her Breathe Into Me Cover!!! It's freaking AMAZING!!!

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Review: Release Me (Stark Trilogy #1) by J. Kenner

Release Me
(Stark Trilogy #1)
by J. Kenner
Adult Erotic Romance
Published Jan 1, 2013
by Random House Publishing Group
*Ebook obtained from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

He was the one man I couldn’t avoid. And the one man I couldn’t resist.

Damien Stark could have his way with any woman. He was sexy, confident, and commanding: Anything he wanted, he got. And what he wanted was me.

Our attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as I ached to be his, I feared the pressures of his demands. Submitting to Damien meant I had to bare the darkest truth about my past—and risk breaking us apart.

But Damien was haunted, too. And as our passion came to obsess us both, his secrets threatened to destroy him—and us—forever.

Get Your Copy:

About the Author:
J. Kenner spent more than ten years as a litigator in Southern California and Central Texas, using her rare free time to indulge her passion for writing. California born, she now lives—and writes—in Texas, with her husband and daughters.

Connect with Julie:

My Review:

Wow! This book was amazing!

There are several similarities between this and Fifty Shades and Bared to You  (minus the BDSM hard play). BUT this book is even better. I honestly enjoyed this novel more.

The characters are great & yet broken. They're fighting their own battles from their screwed up childhood lives (Nikki Fairchild - a Pageant star and Damien Stark  [such a freaking sexy name btw] a childhood tennis star). Nikki grew up being pruned by her mother to be what she felt was the proper lady. Standing up straight, never leaving your house without makeup, always look your best & keep on your social face. In order to feel something, anything, except like her mother's perfect little doll, she starts cutting. She ends up with scars all over her hips & thighs, which makes her completely self-conscious. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to ruin certain elements of the plot which leave you gasping for air so I'll stop there. Damien... oh lovely Damien. He was a tennis star when he was younger - pushed by his father and coach until he hated it. Now Damien is a multi-billion dollar business man - own businesses in so many different categories I can't even begin to list them all. He's completely alpha male - exuding an air of total control when he's in the room. Few would understand how much he actually struggles in life - he's never opened up emotionally to anyone. You begin to watch as Nikki & Damien try to open up and put their demons to rest with each other. The journey is both heart wrenching & heart soaring. 

Okay - plus sexy. The sexual scenes are seriously hot and you can't seem to get enough of them. The writing is absolutely flawless - sensual, raw, emotional... passionate... Loved it! I absolutely adored how Nikki let loose of her inner temptress and how Damien couldn't get enough of her.

I loved this quote describing Damien:
"He’s like an iceberg, Texas. The deep parts are well hidden and what you do see is hard and a little bit cold."
Throw Nikki's best friends with their own quirky habits and problems = you have one heck of a group.

Thank goodness the ending isn't a drastic cliffhanger (I've had too many of those lately - leaving my sanity quite broken.... okay, more broken than it already is) but there's definitely much left unresolved. I can't wait to get book 2!!! This is going to be one hell of a series. Damn it's hot in here.....*fan myself* Sigh....

Overall Rating: 5 Huge, Hot Stars!

Cover Rating: 4 Stars - yes this is a very simple cover but seriously represents a few hot scenes that are now burned into my brain! *swoon*

Characters: 5 Stars - I honestly loved each and every one of them for different reasons & quirks
Plot: 4.5 Stars
Climax: 4 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars <-I really can't complain but I can't wait for book 2!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ARC Review: Pitch Green by The Brothers Washburn

Pitch Green
Dimensions in Death #1
by The Brothers Washburn
YA Horror/Suspense
Published by Jolly Fish Press, LLC
310 Pages
Publication Date: 3/16/2013

*Advance Uncorrected Galley obtained
directly from Jolly Fish Press in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Two teenagers try to discover why children in their little town keep disappearing, only to uncover an evil presence lurking in a old mansion that will kill them if they cannot discover its secrets. Trona is a small, smoggy, mostly insignificant town in California. Besides a booming chemical plant, the only thing that characterizes this dismal town is dirt, sagebrush, and an enormous abandoned mansion.

The mansion is, admittedly, the only notable addition to Trona, but it’s something everyone tries to avoid due to its creepy facade. Everyone except for Camm Smith, who is obsessed with the need to get inside. Seven years earlier, as Camm herded a pack of little trick-or-treaters past the mansion, her young neighbor, Hughie, disappeared, becoming one of the many children who have vanished from Trona over the years without a trace. Now a senior in high school, Camm is still haunted by the old tragedy, and is sure the answer to the mysterious disappearances lies hidden somewhere in the decaying mansion.

Joining forces with her best friend, Cal, who also happens to be Hughie’s older brother, Camm naively begins a perilous search for the truth. As things spiral quickly out of control, and others die, Camm and Cal discover it will take all their combined ingenuity to stay alive. An unseen evil lurking deep within the bowels of the mansion is now hunting them. To make matters worse, they become entangled with hostile federal agents, who will do all they can to keep old secrets permanently hidden.

Left with only their wit and seemingly ineffective firearms, Camm and Cal know time is running out. Unless they can make sense of the few pieces of the puzzle they manage to unearth, their lives are in danger, and like so many others before them, they may also disappear without a trace.

Add It To Your TBR Shelf NOW!

About the Authors:

Berk and Andy Washburn, aka "The Brothers Washburn," are both lawyers by profession, writers at heart. They grew up together roaming the wastelands of the Mojave Desert, where most of the series is set. Both brothers returned from lengthy and successful careers in the wastelands of the law to write YA horror stories based on the wastelands of their youth. They currently live north of Denver, Colorado. The Dimensions in Death series is merely the beginning of the ingenious and spine-tingling world of the Brothers Washburn. Be on your guard, people, there is a new Grimm in town.

Blog      Facebook       Twitter

My Review:

Wwwwoooowwww! I could NOT put this book down! Thanks Brothers Washburn for allowing me the chance to review an AUG of Pitch Green. I literally just sat and read through the entire novel this afternoon. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Yes, Yes... I had several things I should've been doing - like dishes, laundry, and cleaning up around the house... but those things can wait...

I haven't read a horror novel that grabbed me like Pitch Green since I read Dreamcatcher by Stephen King! It's like Rose Red meets Dreamcatcher - a creepy, huge mansion plus an unexplainable "creature" thing that the government tries to cover up. >_<

I LOVED this book. There are several scenes (especially Hughie & Ginger) that left me cringing in horror... I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to finish it after that because those issues hit too close to real life. I pushed through them because I needed to know what happened & how it ended.

Pitch Green is full of not only horror but a mystery aspect that leaves you glued to the pages. The characters are amazing. They aren't over the top. They're NORMAL - like these people could be my neighbors (if I lived in a creepy little town in the middle of the desert that is).

I honestly can't think of one thing that could've been done differently.

There are several questions that have left to be answered at the end BUT those are like tid-bits that you are just curious about - not MAJOR things that you must know in order to feel like the story ended. I can't wait to see what The Brothers Washburn come up with next in their Dimensions in Death series.

Overall Rating: HUGE 5 Stars!

Cover Rating: 5 Stars - this is such a great interpretation of the story! (I'm so glad it wasn't a big picture of "It")

Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 5 Stars
Climax: Which one?!? There were so many moments where I thought my heart would pop out of my chest... but okay, the BIG moment - definitely 4.5 stars! I was chewing my poor fingernails to death!
Ending: 4.5 Stars

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spotlight & Message from the Authors: Eternal (Sons of Heaven) by Virginia Hust & Sarah Maddox

(Sons of Heaven Trilogy #1)
by Virginia Hust & Sarah Maddox
Urban Fantasy/YA Fiction
Published 1/7/2013
Kindle Edition: 348 Pages
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Synopsis via Authors:

Three hundred years of penance, of suffering through an immortal life has left Maura praying for salvation. She joins a group bent on gaining back their souls by awakening The One and after a rather bleak few years in Cairo she thinks they’ve found him. But after a meeting with her sire goes terribly wrong she is trapped in the enemy camp. How far will she go to survive?

Gabriel is a normal, if rather jaded private detective living in Seattle Washington, until a beautiful woman shows up at his practice, claiming to be a vampire and asking for his help. Suddenly his life is turned on its head as he is introduced to the underground society of Fallen Angels bent on finding their savior.


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About the Authors:

Virginia Gamsky Hust lives in sunny Florida with her new Husband William Hust and their miniature poodle Apollo. She is persuing a degree in English Lit and works as a wedding planner in her spare time.
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Sarah Maddox lives on the white sandy beaches of West Florida. She and Virginia have been friends since freshman year of college and she is the voice of reason in their little group. She is currently working towards her degree in Computer Science while juggling a part time job in a tourist town.

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Message From The Author:
The idea for Eternal started as a fairly cliché vampire novel. Maura, our heroine, was a side character and Micah, her sire was going to be the lead. Then I wrote chapter one from her perspective and everything just kind of snow balled from there. Gabriel, who turns out to be more important than Maura in the long run, was an afterthought. I really enjoy writing male characters, I’m not sure why but I always have. So I added him in for my own amusement. Truthfully it took me six weeks from beginning to end to write this. I spent five to seven hours a day working with my Editor and writing to bring Eternal to life.

That brings me to a good point; working with a personal editor is amazing. Sarah has been working on short stories and anthologies with me for years. We met in college and we clicked. She like my writing style and can pick out most of my mistakes.

That being said we made a huge mistake with Eternal. We published it the first time after only editing once. We have since found, three times is the charm. We have also enlisted the help of people we call pre-readers, friends and classmates that get the book before the rest of the world. They mark where they think improvements are needed and we go over their notes. It’s helpful.

Our partnership is pretty unusual in the indie writing world from what I can tell. Sarah and I write together, as in I call her when I’m having problems and we work through the story. We map together and often I get her input on wording. We also work with a friend who is awesome at graphic design; he and his wife create our covers for us.

Legally speaking this means we had to incorporate, everyone gets a set share of the profits. That makes us, for all intents and purposes, a publishing house. It was funny the first time my CPA told me that. Now it’s kind of a running joke.

So there you go a little look inside the team behind Eternal. We hope you all enjoy the book as much as we did while writing it. There is a note at the end of everything I write offering my e-mail address for comments, or really if you just want to talk about the book in general. The offer is genuine and we would love to hear from anyone who reads Eternal. In the end I didn’t go through all of the work to write it for me, I wrote it to entertain you.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.
Virginia, Sarah and The Team.

International Novelist Competition

 Guys & Gals, Gals & Guys,
I wanted to spread the word about a nifty contest that's trying to build some momentum. I've never participated in anything like this before but it sounded like a lot of fun so I decided to sign up as a judge. Here's a little bit about the contest per the website.

About the Contest:

The contestants go through a 6 step process. Each step cuts out certain novelists and leaves other ones standing. Watch as each contestant struggles to be better than the other. During this contests there will be webcam interviews, Book give-aways, guest appearances and many more exciting events to keep up with. Please note that all contestants are seen as talented artists, and they are solely judged on the mass opinion of book reviewers. Book reviewers have personal opinions which leads to the winner of this contest, any writer who doesn't succeed in this contest can always try again and will always be seen as talented.

For More Information or to sign up to be a judge or submit your work as an author, visit the Blog!

Steps of the Contest:

 1. Novelists submit a synopsis of their book in 100 words or less.
The top 50 novelists will be chosen from this step

 2. Those Novelists will then be given a 1 page writing assignment on the topic of the readers votes.
 The top 25 will be chosen from this step

3. Top 25 novelists will submit the first 3 pages of their book.
 The top 10 will be chosen from this step.

 4. Top 10 will submit the first chapter of their book.
 The top 5 will be chosen from this step.

 5. Top 5 will be given another 1 page writing assignment on the topic of the readers votes.
 The top 2 will be chosen from this step.

6. The top 2 will submit their book in its' entirety.


Readers Involvement:

The readers will get to vote on the topic they want the writers to write their 1 page about. They will also be given signed books donated by the authors, get to ask authors questions, win contests and many other events to be announced. You will get to watch as the WORLDS best novelist is chosen by the people that read the most!

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IMM #22 / STS #17

I had a great week this week!!! I've had a lot going on with work, home & reading for sure!
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I've read book 1 already so now I get to read book 2 & 3... Words can't really describe this series. I'm a huge Anne Rice fan but this type of book is emotionally/mentally taxing... It really takes you down to carnal sexual needs & feelings. I won't ever be able to write a review on them because it's not something that I can put into words. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, lol.
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These are both Book 1 of their series! I received both book 2's this week from Net Galley!
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Eeek I'm so excited to read this series! I <3 The Covers & have heard great things about them!
Oooh I'm excited to read this novel!!!
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Literally In My Mailbox!
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