Sunday, February 10, 2013

International Novelist Competition

 Guys & Gals, Gals & Guys,
I wanted to spread the word about a nifty contest that's trying to build some momentum. I've never participated in anything like this before but it sounded like a lot of fun so I decided to sign up as a judge. Here's a little bit about the contest per the website.

About the Contest:

The contestants go through a 6 step process. Each step cuts out certain novelists and leaves other ones standing. Watch as each contestant struggles to be better than the other. During this contests there will be webcam interviews, Book give-aways, guest appearances and many more exciting events to keep up with. Please note that all contestants are seen as talented artists, and they are solely judged on the mass opinion of book reviewers. Book reviewers have personal opinions which leads to the winner of this contest, any writer who doesn't succeed in this contest can always try again and will always be seen as talented.

For More Information or to sign up to be a judge or submit your work as an author, visit the Blog!

Steps of the Contest:

 1. Novelists submit a synopsis of their book in 100 words or less.
The top 50 novelists will be chosen from this step

 2. Those Novelists will then be given a 1 page writing assignment on the topic of the readers votes.
 The top 25 will be chosen from this step

3. Top 25 novelists will submit the first 3 pages of their book.
 The top 10 will be chosen from this step.

 4. Top 10 will submit the first chapter of their book.
 The top 5 will be chosen from this step.

 5. Top 5 will be given another 1 page writing assignment on the topic of the readers votes.
 The top 2 will be chosen from this step.

6. The top 2 will submit their book in its' entirety.


Readers Involvement:

The readers will get to vote on the topic they want the writers to write their 1 page about. They will also be given signed books donated by the authors, get to ask authors questions, win contests and many other events to be announced. You will get to watch as the WORLDS best novelist is chosen by the people that read the most!

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