Policies & Giveaway Rules

Feel free to send me an email with your novel's information in order for me to consider accepting it for review:
kaylasplaceblog <at> gmail <dot> com

I primarily read Adult, NA, YA Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Erotica. I prefer to review books that fall within those classifications.

Review Policy:
I'm not a paid book reviewer. 

I buy books myself or books are given to me in exchange for an HONEST review.
I just love to read and since I read entirely too much, I thought I might as well begin to share my thoughts on the books that I read. My reviews are subjective to my reading preferences and won't be quite as analytical as professional book reviewers. My reviews will be completely honest. Sometimes this might not be a good thing but I value honesty & don't want to mislead readers. They will be my thoughts/opinions on the books that I read.
I will always disclose to readers where/how I received a copy of the book that I'm reviewing.

I accept ebooks as well as paperback. The book synopsis that I use will generally be from Goodreads or the Author's website unless otherwise specified by the requester. I'll make sure to add links to the book on the following sites: Author's site, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. I'm more than happy to add other links as provided if I feel the readers would benefit from them.
Sadly, I cannot accept all review requests but will always try my best to fit them in.

Previously, I was able to determine a time frame for which my reviews would be completed & posted. However, at this point, I will not be able to give a time frame for which my reviews will be completed. If I accept a novel from you for review, please know that I will review it as soon as I can. I place reviews in the order in which I receive them with time-sensitive posts (tour posts & such) placed in between as necessary.
If you are gracious enough to send me an ARC, please know that I will NEVER distribute/copy/post/giveaway your novel. I completely loath the piracy of books and would never be the responsible party in such a shameful problem. I want authors and publishers alike to trust me and in no way would I betray trust in any manner especially such as piracy.
I do not write reviews for books that I do not finish. I will let you know that I didn't finish your novel and the reason why but I will not post a review on my blog.
Reading & posting thoughtful reviews takes time. I try to finish novels in a timely fashion but understand during the holiday months such as Nov & Dec, reviews will be slower.
Since the FTC decided to regulate bloggers, I will plainly point out that I receive free books for review purposes only. I do not receive monetary compensation for these reviews and my reviews state my honest opinion of the books. I am never swayed by any type of bribery. My opinions are my own and they can be negative or positive depending on the book that I've read. I'll always note during my post if the book I'm reviewing is one I received for review purposes or if it's a book I've purchased myself.

In order for my reviews to be consistent I want to define what my star ratings mean:
  • 5 Stars = Abso-freaking-lutely Fabulous all the way around!

  • 4 Stars = Really Great!

  • 3 Stars = Pretty Good!

  • 2 Stars = Eek...Could've been better. Just didn't do it for me.

  • 1 Star = I couldn't even finish this book.   *I will never post a review to my blog that will be given 1 star because, as I stated above, I will NOT post reviews for books that I DNF.

I enjoy hosting giveaways on my blog. I will primarily use Rafflecopter in order for the entries to be collected and the winner to be randomly selected. I do verify every winner's entry. If I see that the individual did NOT perform the task asked in order to gain the entry specified, I will have Rafflecopter randomly select another winner. The process will be undertaken until a winner has been randomly selected and their entry has been verified. I want authors, publishers and my readers to know that all of my giveaways are fair. I value h
onesty and want participants to know that my giveaways are not staged or manipulated in any way.
Official Giveaway Rules:
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Alternative participation can be obtained if you are unable to access/operate the Rafflecopter form by contacting me via email.
  • Giveaways Hosted by Myself: Ebooks open Internationally unless prohibited. Print & Swag Giveaways open to US Residents Only. Due to the more extensive regulations coming from the FTC, I will no longer be doing International Giveaways.
  • Giveaways hosted by others are open as deemed appropriate by the giveaway host. I claim no responsibility when sharing giveaways hosted by others. This includes Tour-Wide Giveaways.
  • Winners will be chosen at Random via the Rafflecopter & the entries will be verified. In the rare instance that Rafflecopter is not used, Random.org will be used.
  • Winners will be announced on the Rafflecopter Form once they've been notified. In the instance that Rafflecopter is not used, winner's will be announced on the blog post.
  • If the notified participant does not respond within 48 hours of my email, a new winner will be chosen. 

Guest Posts, Interviews, Cover Reveals:
At this time, I'm considering guests posts on a case by case basis. If you'd like to do a guest post, please let me know. I'd love to discuss it further with you.
In order to do an interview, I will require a copy of the author's book in order to review and formulate questions prior to the interview.

I absolutely love Cover Reveals because I'm guilty of judging a book by it's cover... If the cover catches my eye, I'm going to automatically read the synopsis before moving on.


By entering a giveaway, you consent to the collection and use of your information. I do NOT share your private contact information with any other party except the author/tour organizer who will be sending the winning prize - nor do I store your information for any other use - the only use is to collect giveaway entries, verify those entries, notify the winner & disseminate the prize.

Affiliate Information:

My Blog is currently an Affiliate with Amazon.com. My reasoning for doing so is in order to be able to fund my giveaway shipping. As you may already know, postage & shipping fees can become quite expensive.

As an Affiliate of Amazon.com, I do provide links & advertisement for Amazon.com. I will gain compensation in the form of an Amazon Giftcard for clicks to Amazon.com that result in purchases.

The privacy policies of these linked sites are the responsibility of the linked sites and I have no control or influence over their policies. Please be aware of their Privacy Policies when ordering through those sites because I can not be responsible or held liable for damages resulting in misdoings or bad behavior of other sites linked to my blog or otherwise.

Questions? Feel free to send me an email
kaylasplaceblog <at> gmail <dot> com

* Unless stated otherwise, Kayla's Place receives books from authors, publishers, or NetGalley. These books are received in exchange for an honest review of the book. There is no money exchanged. All reviews reflect only my opinion.
I do not claim any rights to any photos listed on my blog that are related to books being discussed - all rights are reserved by the photographer. 
Synopsis will be quoted and the primary source will be listed. Any excerpts will only be provided with permission as part of a blog tour or directly from the author/publisher. The authors of guest posts reserve the rights to their material and give me permission to post the material on my blog.

This policy was last updated June 19, 2013.
This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please email me.
The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owner.

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