Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Birthday Bash Giveaway!!!!

International Giveaway Time!!! ^_^
Alrighty guys & gals, gals & guys!
Since it's my birthday month, I'm going to celebrate it by giving stuff away to YOU!!!!!
Yes, that's right. I'm giving things away on my own birthday! LoL
That just goes to show you how much I <3 My Followers!
Sooooo, I have lots of fabulous items up for grabs! I'm doing 5 Giveaway Packages!!!!

Yup - signed swag!

Yup - that's a SIGNED Significance Bookmark!
I <3 Shelly Crane!

Yup! There's some more signed swag!!

Yup - there's Easy by Tammara Webber Bookplates! (and they're signed!!!!Eeek!!!)
I <3 Tammara Webber too!!!  
Eeek! I'm so excited!!
Fabulous people have donated their books & swag!

E. Van Lowe - You are Awesome!
Thanks for giving away 1 copy of your newest novel in the Fallen Angels Saga!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to my pal Iris!
Thanks for helping me with the swag for the giveaway!!
(Iris is a fab Street Team Member for several folks!)

Michael Cargill - You Rock!
Thank you for giving away copies of your novels!

Plus I'm throwing in a few items I've been holding onto especially for this moment!
What will 5 lucky followers win??
I put together 5 mixed Swag Packs for the lucky winners!

Bookplate - Easy by Tammara Webber (Signed)
Bookmark - Significance by Shelly Crane (Signed)
Mercy Series by Shannon Dermott Swag
The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell Swag
Tina Folsom Swag (Signed)
Lia Davis Swag
Alexa Grace Swag
Carrie Ann Ryan Swag (Signed)
Miranda Kenneally Swag
The Forbidden Trilogy by Kimberly Kinrade Swag (Signed)
Sophia Knightly Swag
Shawntelle Madison Swag
1 Lucky Winner will get an ebook of
Heaven Sent by E. Van Lowe

Ebook of Heaven Sent (Book #3 in the Fallen Angel Saga) by E. Van Lowe

Each of the 5 Winners will get
Smashwords codes for
ALL THREE NOVELS by Michael Cargill!

Ebooks Shades of Grey, Underneath, & Bits of Cargill by Michael Cargill (Smashwords Codes)

Each of the 5 Winners will get
a massive swag pack along with their ebooks!!
And then.... There's more!
One winner will also get a $5.00 Amazon Giftcard so they can go out and by themselves a book of their choosing!

So who wants to win?!?!
Use the Rafflecopter Form Below to enter!
(Don't forget guys & gals - I check EVERY winning Entry before confirming the winner!)


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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the amazing Giveaway!

  2. Happy birthday..............................!

  3. Have a great birthday month! I love getting and giving out books as gifts :)

  4. Happy Birthday! :) Thanks so much for the chance to win the giveaway! I love birthdays, even though I'm getting older 45, I haven't hit a number that has got me down over getting older.I know other people who have. I think I would love to have the "Mercy" series by: Rebecca Lim For my birthday I read the 1st one and fell in love. They are from Australia. "Mercy" was released in the US last year, and the "Exile will be out April 2013'. I just can't wait for all 4 books! I also would love to giveaway my time for my birthday. Like helping out at a homeless shelter or other charities or since my 3 kids are grown and having babies of their own. I could take care of the children for a single mother or a mother who needs a break. I know how much that would mean for any mother! my kids are 23,22, and 21 on the 27th of Feb. I have a granddaughter 4yrs. and one due in June. So I think the best gift to give is my time helping others :) Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Happy bday! i would giveaway the money i earned for the past month or so to charity :)i want money this year for my bday


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