Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas - Be Thankful For What You Have

Alrighty everyone... this post is NOT about books but PLEASE continue reading anyway....

Each year, the hospital I work for takes part in a program called Angel Tree Ministries. Staff & Departments in our hospital "adopt" local kids that wouldn't really have a Christmas if it wasn't for programs like Angel Tree Ministries. We get their ages, first names, clothing sizes and wish lists.... My Department (7 Women in Total) like to adopt 2 kids - usually 1 boy & 1 girl - and buy gifts for both.

This year, we've been asked about "adopting" a family of 3 kids and their mom.

Please bare with me - this will hurt your heart....

The mom has cervical cancer.... the dad bailed on the family... the 12 year old daughter is taking on the role of mom to her little brothers because their mom is sick... the 8 year old son was hit by a truck and suffers from lots of medical problems including having a colostomy... the 5 year old son has a brain tumor and this will most likely be his last Christmas...

Crying yet? Join the rest of us...

So of course, we all immediately agreed to "adopting" the entire family. We want to make sure this family has the most amazing Christmas and hopefully several more to come. We want to be able to provide them a tree, decorations, plus anything else that they may need or want.

I'm telling you this because I want you all to take a step back and take a moment to be thankful to all that you have....

If any of you want to help us out and make sure this family has an amazing Christmas, let me know.

If you have families in your area that could use a blessing this year, reach out to them...


  1. Kayla, I applaud you for caring and for beseeching us to give to others which is the spirit of America and God! What better way to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas than in rememberance of others and with gratitude to God, and Jesus for what we have and what we've been spared. I'd love to help you help the family. Be in touch via email. Thank you Kayla for this beautiful post!

    1. Thank you Deborah! It really is an eye opening moment when you are reminded of what our families have because you've learned what others do not or will never have. It broke our heart and we wondered how much more can one little family take. :( We want to make sure they remember this Christmas forever and hopefully we can continue to be a part of their lives throughout the years. Thank you so much for the help! It's going to be much appreciated! We are going to make sure the families knows how many people helped with thier Christmas this year!! We are excited and blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you again!

  2. Hi, Kayla and Deborah. I'm just seeing this, and I am humbled by it. My heart goes out to this family, and I pray God show mercy, give them joy, and ease their way. It's so easy and commonplace to complain and worry instead of being grateful for whatever and whomever we have, believing God still has a plan no matter how dark the moment. Health and well-being are not entitlements. Thank you for reminding me of that, and taking time to help others.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words of support for this family & our endeavor to help them this year. I know they appreciate any positive thoughts that can come their way. You're right - we all take forgranted the health & well-being that we have. It's easy to forget that others are not so blessed. :(


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