Saturday, November 24, 2012

IMM#11 / STS#6


For Review:
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I've had a busy week!!! Especially with Thanksgiving week & family members coming in... We had a great time! I'm really sad that I have to go back to work on Monday... Yes I'm already thinking about it and it's only... wait, what's today? The break has me all messed up... It's Friday... right, Friday... LoL So now Charlie Brown is on TV - it's the "Blanket" episode which really reminds of me of my little H... he carries his "blank'' & his "bink" around with him everywhere. Blank=a small blue blanket with satin trimming. Bink=a security blanket with a teady bear head & satin on it. It's really cute and melts my heart... Daddy doesn't like it so much hahaha :)
If you haven't seen this Charlie Brown, You should watch it - it's cute. At one point, Linus is about to have a nervous breakdown because his blanket was put in the washing machine... that's definitely H... ^_^
Anyways... I hope you all had a Wondeful Thanksgiving! For those of you that braved the shopping craziness today, smh, I feel for you. >_< There are things that we want at our house but we don't "need" them bad enough for me to brave the craziness that is Black Friday Shopping.
Oooh yea - have you seen the preveiw for The Hobbit!?!!?!??! I'm soooo excited!!! The Hobbit was my fave book out of the 4 making up the LOTR.


  1. Wow, great books this week. Will have to check out NetGalley again, they look very interesting.

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

  2. Nice haul that you got this week. Hope you enjoy the reading :)

    Here is my STS. 

  3. I need a copy of The Edge of Never! Every Stacking the Shelves post I've seen has been taunting me with it.

    please check out my Stacking the Shelves at Read. Sleep. Repeat.

    1. Yes!! You need to read it! It was fabulous!!! I'll be posting my review in January as part of a blog tour.

  4. Thanks for following!!! You rock! :) Make sure you stop by my open giveaways!


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