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Rambling Guest: E. Van Lowe, Author of The Falling Angels Saga

Please help me welcome my Rambling Guest
E. Van Lowe
Author of The Falling Angels Saga
Thank You E for stopping by & rambling with us for a bit! ^_^

And There It Sits

Yesterday my publisher had a box delivered to me.  The box contained the final edited manuscript of Heaven Sent, the third book in The Falling Angels Saga.  That’s a photo of the ms pages spilling out of the box onto my dining room table.  And there it sits, waiting for me to begin the final, final edit.

I say final, final, but I really should say final, final, FINAL edit because I’ve had three final edits.  But my publisher has assured me this one is it.  The copy editor’s notes are in red and his are in blue.  Once I go through, combine my final changes and forward the ms back to him, the book will be published.

The ms has sat on my dining room table all day today.  We dined around it.  Aside from taking the photo last night, I haven’t even glanced at the pages.  It’s not that I’m afraid, I’m actually quite excited, but I wanted all my little side projects (like this post) out of the way before I began.

The first two books in the series, Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel were both Amazon ebook Best Sellers, spending months on the list.  Their best rankings came last March when they ranked #8 and #9 respectively in Children’s ebooks.  Those books started out just like Heaven Sent, as manuscripts that at some point did time on my dining room table.  I can’t help but marvel at the fact that all books—even Harry Potter—were once manuscript pages with marks all over them, and then one day… BAM!  They were shared with the world.

It’s awesome being an author.  One day you’re sitting in your car thinking how cool it would be to write a story about the devil, and three years later you have fans worldwide.  Yowzah!  By the way, the ms is still sitting there, still waiting for me to complete the edit and turn it in. Okay, maybe I am scared—just a little.  I mean, I’d like the third one to be a charm and not a dud, right? 

Okay, I’m starting to ramble.  I think it’s time to wrap-up this little project and at least look at the first few pages… or I could seep on it and look at them fresh first thing in the morning.  Yes.  I like that idea. Nothing like fresh eyes, right?

Thanks for listening.  If you haven’t yet read Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel I hear they’re good.  I’m sure Heaven Sent is good, too.  If only I could get it off my dining room table. 


Boyfriend From Hell Amazon 
Earth Angel Amazon
Thanks again E for stopping by!! I LOVE this insight into an author's world!! Hehe I don't know about you, but from my own experience just writing short letters and reports, the more I read them, the more I miss & my eyes start to cross >_< 

It is neat to think about how an author has to deal with the dreaded red ink pen marks. HA. Nothing like getting your 20 page english paper back from your professor with red all over it... eeek..
I can't wait to start reading your series!!! I LOVEEE the cover art & synopsis for them.
Thank you again for stopping by with us today!!!

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