Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Angel Tree Family

As some of you may know, our office "adopted" an entire family for Christmas this year as part of the Angel Tree Program that our hospital takes part in each year. Go Here to read my initial post.

Several things happened in between this post & my last post. We found out more about our family, their health situations, family situations, wants, needs, and their life in general. I can't honestly begin to tell you how hard their life is right now. I feel for them and it makes me really Thankful to have everything that I have. My wants & needs pale in comparison to those of this family. My heart truly breaks for them.

As a recap -
Mom - cervical cancer
Son - 5 yrs old - brain tumor
Son - 10 yrs old - several health problems due to a vehicle accident
Daughter - 12 yrs old

The Mom's niece is also in their house now. A precious little 5 year old girl.

Our department pulled together, along with the help of a few others including a local high school state champ football team, Author Deborah Palumbo, and a local fabulous photographer who donated a free family portrait session.

The Mother just stopped by to pick up her family's gifts & let's just say that tears were definitely shed. It broke my heart to hear of her struggle with providing the medical care her children needed OR paying for Christmas presents. When asked if she'd like to keep the left over wrapping paper for wrapping any gifts she may have at home, she said that there were none. As a mom, I can only imagine the struggle of not being able to provide for children.

I wanted to say Thank You to each and every one of you who may have reached out to help a family in need in your community. It truly is an amazing feeling to be able to pay it forward because there will be times of struggle in each and every one of our lives at some point or another. Be Thankful for what you have - including the health of your children & family members.

I hope each and every one of you have a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 
& a Happy New Year! 

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