Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mommy-dom Ramblings

So it's been a while since I've done a Rambling post of my own - not book related... this is "Ramblings of a Toddler's Mom" afterall :)
After the night we had last night, I needed alittle moment to reflect upon the simple non-book related things. Last night, I ended up taking the hubs to the ER... 6 hours later, we're discharged finally... get home at 3:30 AM.... He's all doped up so he gets several hours of deep sleep... Me... I'm up at 7 am...
Anywho... So here's a few fun short stories of my life with my little monster... cough cough... I mean toddler. ^_^
As you know, we have a big mastiff puppy (9 months old & weighs a little over 90 pounds). If you missed my degloving tail moment (not for the faint of stomach) go HERE.
I walk into H's room the other day and Bay is laid out in his bed - now notice that this is a full size bed - NOT a toddler bed... H is in bed with her and he's all giggly and smiling.

"Mom! Look - BayBay's in my bed with me - I love BayBay - Come sit down with us!"

Then I remember what I had playing on his tv in his room & have to smile myself

Oliver & Company! I love that movie - so my dog & son were laid in his bed watching a tale of a poor lil yellow kitty and a whole bunch of strays :)

Gummy Bears... nuff said... My son's new favorite treat is gummy bears... I don't know about you, but my favorite are the clear ones!!! I pick those out - he gets all the rest of them :)

It's like my own little bear army - yes, I'm sleep deprived okay... so I'm really ramblings now.

So enough for now. I'll ramble a little more later... I'm seriously in need of a hot bath, some Advil, and my book ^_^ 

(hehe I just realized in my sleep deprived state of mind, I left the lil red bear upside down, >_<)

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