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Review: Golden Dunes of Renhala (Renhala #2) by Amy Lutchen

Golden Dunes of Renhala
(Renhala #2)
by Amy Lutchen
Urban Fantasy
Published Nov 2013

*ARC Ebook obtained in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

How do you live with a secret so dark and so deeply woven into your being that it threatens to smother your very existence, with no known way out? Use it to your advantage.

Kailey Rooke, karmelean, and now a possibly unethical karma-for-hire, has spent the past year jumping from project to project without any real hope for salvation. With repercussions from her actions at every turn, she discovers that as time goes on, she loses a bit more of herself to that which feeds on her anguish--that which is thriving inside her own body.

When a new contract to find a missing girl arises, Kailey attempts to put her past and its associated problems on the back burner, but she soon finds out that treachery and deceit lie shortly ahead in Golden Dunes, only giving face to new problems, with one leading right back to her childhood past.

She struggles to complete her contract as her own life teeters on a fulcrum, constantly tipping according to karma’s whim. How long will she keep her balance? Which way will she fall?

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I studied at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (man I grew up quick), where I became a number, but decided it was a good number.

I write with plenty of snacks in hand, making sure they are not in multiples of three. That number makes me nervous.

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Wow... I mean wow...  The world building is just out of this world... literally. I love the world that the author builds for this series. The Golden Dunes... I mean, I felt like I was sweating and wiping sand away from my skin while I was reading. Love, love, love that about this series. Everything is so vivid but not the point where it's over-described. There's plenty of room for you to add to it in your mind while you're reading.

The characters - They're great. I loved seeing the "problem" side of Kailey come out so much in this novel. I have to admit, her talents still are hard for me to imagine in my mind but I just have to go with it because it's awesome. Her "feeler" - I have a hard time picturing that when she's constantly sending her feeler out. Ooh and the men... I love Ladimer... You honestly don't seem to see Connor much. Or maybe it was because I couldn't wait until Ladimer graced the pages again so I wasn't paying attention to Connor.... LOL I didn't focus very much on the romantic aspect between Kailey, Connor & Ladimer in this novel. I was more focused on the events unfolding in the novel. It was spectacular.

I really enjoyed the new characters and the investigation that they were trying to work though. There were a few flips in the plot that I didn't quite follow (one person whom I thought dead was not and the other sibling was...) but I'm thinking that I may have just been too sleepy to keep up. Ha. I loved seeing all of the original characters being pulled over into book 2 as well. Great, great characters!

Overall, great continuation to series. I think I may have liked this one a little bit more because it was just...awesome. Bu! Love him!!! I just want to get a nose plug and give him a big hug!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Cover Rating: 4 Stars
Characters: 4 Stars
Plot: 4 Stars
Climax: 5 Stars
Ending: 5 Stars

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