Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reading, Blogging, Working, Mommy-dom, O-MY!

So this week has been a long week... with family illness/doctor's visits, reading and blogging have been slow for me... dealing with everything just makes me want to run and hide so I can lose myself into a book... or two... Do you ever get like that? Books are my escape from life... and blogging is now my second daily life... there's the life I have right here in person... then blogging...

I've started bringing my laptop with me to work a few days a week because I want to escape and blog/network/read other's posts while I'm taking lunch breaks and such... It's hard to try and balance my "two lives" without making one or the other seem neglected... I read a few other blogger's great posts lately about the stress of blogging and feeling like you can't keep up... I just remind myself that blogging is a "fun" past time. The second it turns into "work," I will have to back away. So far, I think I'm FAR from that problem. It's such a fun way to spend moments when I'm not working, reading, or being Mommy. It tends to be early mornings, late evenings or lunch breaks.

In Other News....

Here's a blog tour I've been really excited about following! You should check it out since today is the last day of the tour! Just click the image & I've linked it to the site that'll show you which blogs to check out.  I've been waiting on book three (Ever My Merlin) of My Merlin to come out for what seems like EVER - no pun intended :)
I've actually added a new tab at the top that I'll start linking tour info too... I may not be participating in the tour myself but I enjoy following some of them and I hope you do too!
Coming Soon!
Sunday, as usual, I'll post my IMM! I LOVE doing that post. It's probably my favorite planned post of the week & I also love viewing other's IMM.
I've now joined my first blog tour for a book that I'm actually excited about reading! More information will follow soon!
I also have a few new requests for some new book reviews! I'm super stoked about those as well. Stay tuned because they'll be some great giveaways coming for readers.
Until next time....

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