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Review: The Antique Love by Helena Fairfax

The Antique Love
by Helena Fairfax
Contemporary Romance
Published August 30, 2013

*EBook obtained directly from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis via Goodreads:

One rainy day in London, Wyoming man Kurt Bold walks into an antique shop off the King’s Road and straight into the dreams of its owner, Penny Rosas. Lively, spirited and imaginative, Penny takes this handsome stranger for a romantic cowboy straight from the pages of a book. Kurt certainly looks every inch the hero…but he soon brings Penny’s dreams to earth with a thump. His job is in the City, in the logical world of finance—and as far as Kurt is concerned, romance is just for dreamers. Events in his childhood have shown him just how destructive love can be. Now he’s looking for a wife, right enough, but what he wants is a marriage based on logic and rational decisions. Kurt treats Penny like he would his kid sister, but when he hires her to help refurbish his beautiful Victorian house near Richmond Park, it’s not long before he starts to realise it’s not just his home she’s breathing life into. The logical heart he has guarded so carefully all these years is opening up to new emotions, in a most disturbing way…

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 Helena Fairfax was born in Uganda and came to England as a child. She’s grown used to the cold now and that’s just as well, because nowadays she lives in an old Victorian mill town in Yorkshire, right next door to windswept Brontë country. She has an affectionate, if half-crazed, rescue dog and together they tramp the moors every day—one of them wishing she were Emily Brontë, the other vainly chasing pheasants. When she’s not out on the moors you’ll find Helena either creating romantic heroes and heroines of her own or else with her nose firmly buried in a book, enjoying someone else’s stories. Her patient husband and her brilliant children support her in her daydreams and are the loves of her life.

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The Antique Love was a pleasant surprise that I couldn't wait to pick up each night.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect and what I found as I continued to flip the pages, diving into the story and characters, was a beautiful tale of sweet unexpected love. It was an easy to read, light, clean read. I really enjoyed the author's easy writing style. The plot flowed well and each time I picked up the novel to begin reading, I fell into a sort of relaxed state. 

Penny & Kurt were great characters. Penny, being the hopeless romantic, and Kurt, the person who works everything out logically rather than emotionally... He keeps a distance between himself and emotional attachment. He's seen "love" burn and he doesn't plan on ever getting burned. They contrasted each other well and their encounters were always entertaining and some were quite heartwarming. Penny is very real. She's not the perfect shape by today's standards and she's very insecure. I was able to relate to her and enjoyed having a character who isn't described as having the perfect, slim, or fit body... LOL 

Now, I'm totally not one for antiques, but even I was drawn in when Penny's passion came flowing through the pages. Me, I could care less about picking out the furnishings for a house, but again, I loved it as they went through the process for refurnishing Kurt's new home. 

Oh! The love trinket that Penny kept her eye on and was determined to only sell to someone who was truly in love... LOVED that little tid bit in the story :) 

Overall, this was a great, easy paced, clean romance. 

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Cover: 3 Stars   
Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 4 Stars
Ending: 4 Stars

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