Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alex's Place: What do others think? And there's still $10 up for grabs...

What is everyone else saying about me? 
Here's a few that Weston has listed on his blog....

Unrated Review by Alex at Calamus Excerpt - "Kincade has a knack for suspenseful writing..."
4 Star review by Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile Excerpt - "There is so much wrapped up in A Life of Death. So many minor things that, as a whole, contribute to make this a book that's honestly tough to put down..."
5 Star review by Star at Bibliophilic Book Blog Excerpt - "I enjoyed A LIFE OF DEATH greatly and I think the author has a expressive voice which will make any story amazing..."
5 Star review by Wendy at Minding Spot Excerpt - "I can't wait to read something else by this exceptionally gifted author! A Life in Death deserves five stars - it's that good! Highly recommend!!"
5 Star review by Ailyn at Piece of My Mind, not once but in two separate reviews: 1 and 2 Excerpts - "I would recommend this as a good read...," and "You will like it if you like supernatural abilities..."
4 Star review by Samantha at Samthebookaholic
 Excerpt: "I highly recommend this book to people who love mystery..."

 *Episode 1 is free at the time of posting!*
The free serialized audiobook can be found at:
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 Go read my original post to learn more about me & to enter to win the $10 Amazon Giftcard that's up for grabs...

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