Monday, January 21, 2013

Sharing My Love of Books with H :)

I'm starting him off early!
I hope he grows up to enjoy reading as much as I do :)
He received this set of little cardboard books as a "just because" gift from my Niece.
He Loves Them! Honestly, reading with H has to be one of my all-time favorite things to do. To see him become excited about some brightly colored character, or make a sad face when he sees the characters are sad is priceless. I think that our world would be so much better off if parents read to their children more. Books open up a world of knowledge and creativity. Children deserve to be able to escape to a fun, new world just like we adults do. So, if you have kids, go pick up a few kids books today and share with them. :) H doesn't have the attention span to read more than one at a time with me but that's a start. I'm hoping, before long, that we'll have his own little library in his room. Hehe.
hehe - My 2 favorite cartoon movies of all time!!
Alice in Wonderland & 101 Dalmatians!
If you have kiddos, I definitely suggest grabbing a set of these :)
They have them in all different types of sets! Check them out!


  1. Oh, that is just beautiful. My kids like the idea of reading, but my 5 year old just likes carrying the books around and showing them to everybody. We will sit down and read them once, but then he just wants to cart them around. My 2 year old daughter likes flicking through pages too. Never too early to start the love of books I say.

    Katie @ Turner's Antics

    1. Haha H likes to "read them" himself. If we grab a book, he's too impatient to let me read the whole page to him. He just wants to flip the page and describe the next page to me. Hahahaha I'm hoping we will get to the point where we can read a whole book soon :)


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