Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Name?!?!

So I've been struggling with my "Blogger Identity" lately...
I’d been thinking about changing the title of my blog but I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what I’d like to call myself.
“The Ramblings of a Toddler’s Mom” is cutesy but it doesn’t really scream “This blog is about books too!” Not to mention, my “toddler” won’t be a “toddler” forever so I need something that will last for years. Yes, I plan on being around for a long, long time.
Soooo, I asked for some help over at Oh, Chrys! and with some feedback from other bloggers, I came up with "Kayla's Place: Mommy & Literary Dreamer."
I really like it! I'm keeping my link and such the same because I actually like the variation - plus it would be a pain to go in and edit EVERYTHING I've listed my blog on to represent the new addy.
What do you all think?
I'm still open to suggestions because nothing is ever set in stone :)


Thanks for stopping by & chatting with me! I try my best to respond to every post but it does take me a few days! Don't think I'm ignoring you - I promise, "non-fiction" life just gets me bogged down sometimes. :) Thanks again!!! I <3 my followers