Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beautiful Addiction...For all book readers

I'm officially addicted to Goodreads! If you're a reader & haven't gotten on Goodreads yet, you're seriously missing out. This site is a MUST for people who love to read in their past-time. Plus there's an app so you can take the new addiction on the go with you!! (gotta love technology when it feeds our addictions). Go Here NOWWWWW For me, it can be quite dangerous in the best of ways. You get to mark books "to-read" - my list is quite extensive! It makes me soooo happy to know as soon as I finish one book, I know I have some books in mind to read next.

Ooookay... I have to get on this soapbox for a moment... I have such a love/hate relationship with book series. It's so exciting to start a new series because you know the story continues... BUT what stinks is when you start a new series, read book 1, find yourself completely entranced in the story... then have to WAIT A YEAR OR MORE before you can continue to story! I don't know about you, but I have the worst memory ever...If it wasn't for Goodreads, I'd completely forget about continuing the story when the next book in the series finally comes out... thank goodness for Goodreads "to-read" tool... Not to mention my horrible memory causes to me to have to re-read the previous books in the series so I can remember what the heck is going on... Do you know how time consuming this can be when you have a toddler running around!?!?! EEEKKKK... In my own personal world, book series would come out within a few months of each other... meaning NOT 12 months apart!!

*Breathe* Inhale....exhale....

I'm calm now... regarding book Series... I'm currently waiting on the following books to come out...

"Incendiary" (Premonition Series book 4) - Amy Bartol
"Walking Disaster" (Beautiful Disaster book 2) - Jamie McGuire
"Out of Breath" (Breathing book 3) - Rebecca Donovan
"Ever my Merlin" (Merlin book 3) - Priya Ardis
"Clockwork Princess" (The Infernal Devices book 3) - Cassandra Clare
"Rogue Rider" (Lords of Deliverance book 4) - Larissa Ione
"Unbelievable" (Port Fare book 2) - Sherry Gammon
"Angel of Mercy" (Cambion book 3) - Shannon Dermott
"Independence" (Significance book 4) - Shelly Crane
"Checkmate" (Neighbor from Hell book 3) - R. L. Mathewson
"Honor & Betray" (Honor book 4) - Teresa Mummert
"Opal" (Lux book 3) - Jennifer Armentrout
"Reflected in You" (Crossfire book 2) - Sylvia Day

Now you see why that fabulous "to-read" comes in handy... there's NO WAY I could've remembered to be on the lookout for all of those books above... and then if I ever just stumbled across them after they finally came out I would be so disappointed in myself for not being on the lookout for them...

Soooo reading with a toddler in the house... I love my son... I think that's why I read so much... I really hope when he's older, he becomes a reader too... Of course, we probably won't have the same tastes in books exactly BUT I would love to be able to talk books over dinner at night. I know I need to "start early" but right now, he could care less about sitting still and actually being read a book... he loves to look at the pictures and as soon as he finishes looking at one picture on the page, he automatically turns it before I finish reading what's actually written on the page... Needless to say, he's impatient and not interested in the actual story. HA... But I hope we get there soon enough ^_^ Any helpful tips of the trade would be appreciated from mom to mom or pre-k teacher to mom...

So... Go, Flourish, and READ! <and checkout Goodreads>

Until next time!

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