Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway Hop!

I love taking part in these giveaway hops! Let's see...let's see... What book can I giveaway? 

I know! I know!

Alrighty, I'll giveaway one KINDLE ebook copy of:

Passion & Pain
(Dancers & Divas #1)
by Kathy Petrakis

 Synopsis via Goodreads:

Does passion and desire guarantee success? Can friends really be trusted? Can true love be found beneath lust and deceit?

These are questions tenacious street dancer Elena Martinez faces as she struggles to compete against the most talented students at New York’s top Performing Arts High School. Along with her best friend, the carefree and mischievous Sebastien Duval, they are determined to make center stage.

But the singing diva Letitia has other plans. Beautiful, talented and popular, her desire for revenge could ruin everything for Elena and Sebastien. Now, they must fight against prejudice, treachery and deceit as Letitia sets out to destroy Elena’s friendships, her romance, her dignity and her dreams. Can Elena win the battle for true love, happiness and success? do you enter? Easy-Peasy! 

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That's it! 

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