Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blogger vs WordPress... Blogger Deleting Blogs?!

Okay... this is disturbing to me guys & gals... 
Check out Parajunkee's Article on how Google has been deleting blogs on Blogger.... 

I'm freaking out here... It's taken almost an entire year to get my blog exactly the way that I want it. Now, I'm having to decide if I want to move to a new site. >_<

Yes, I back up my blog weekly by exporting and saving the file - meaning I won't technically lose any of the content itself.

I've created a Wordpress Site ( But I am HATING Wordpress... I HATE how you can't completely customize your "theme" or create your own from scratch... I dislike how my blog ends up looking on any of the "themes" I choose. I plan to spend more time on Wordpress and see if I can force myself to like it... but it's not looking positive...

Because book blogging in my HOBBY and not a paying job (I get paid in books but not cash), I can't afford to buy a subscription to WordPress... So, I'm left with Blogger.

I've loved Blogger. It's super easy to navigate, the customization of your blog is nearly endless... and it's free.

I guess I'll have to continue just backing up my blog weekly and I guess I'll upload it weekly to Wordpress just in case Google decides to delete me all of a sudden...

Anyone else going through this right now???? What are your thoughts?? What's your plan??


  1. I'm freaking out also, I moved my blog to blogger because of issues I had with another site.

    1. I know right. It's just... not fun at all... >_<

  2. I am a Blogger based blog but I have bought my domain. At this time, I am not moving. If it becomes an ongoing issue...than I might explore my other options. Have you thought about buying your domain?

    1. I've debated on buying my domain... I've been tinkering more on Wordpress so I've thought over and over about moving there and buying my domain... I just love the ease of Blogger. Do you have more stability since you bought your domain? Blogging is just a hobby for me and not something that actually earns cash money. That's the only thing really holding me back from purchasing my domain I guess. >_<


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