Monday, June 17, 2013

Bye Bye GFC - Hello Bloglovin'

So, OBVIOUSLY, I've been under a rock or something of the sort lately... I JUST found out (thanks to I Love to Read & Review Books) that GFC is going bye bye as of July 1st!
So, of course, I'm like "Whaaaaaat?! I haven't had time to figure out how I want to re-follow all of the blogs I love"
So, yea, I'm thinking that I'll have to go one by one and re-follow all of the blogs I love....
BlogLovin' is freaking awesome!!!
What to do:
Click on this LINK, create an account & import all of the blogs you already follow by Google Reader into your BlogLovin' Reader!!
Ka-Blam! Done!
It's THAT easy AND I LOVE the way BlogLovin' lays everything out. Freaking fabulous!
So, pretty, pretty please with a huge, giant cherry on top
If you follow via GFC, make sure you follow me by BlogLovin', Linky, or by Email Subscription  

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