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Happy Release Day & Review: Snow White Lies by Sarah J. Pepper

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Snow White Lies
Twisted Fairytale Confessions
by Sarah J. Pepper
Cover Art: Sarah Storm, Wilcox Photography, Platinum Imagery and Design

*ARC given directly from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Evil poisons everyone. Period. Our mouths water when we sink our teeth into what we have always craved. Surrendering to our desires by biting off delectable piece of the forbidden fruit is nothing more than a meager confession: Poison tastes sinfully sweet,”—Confessions of the Big Apple Debutante, by blogger Miss Snow White.

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I specialize in dark, paranormal romance – think “happy ever after” but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn’t only filled with hugs, kisses, unicorns, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It’s in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of – both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn’t always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn’t mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit?

I have loved the other two Twisted Fairytale novels written by Sarah Pepper. I knew I'd end up loving this one as well because of the synopsis & overall idea of this novel. The cover! Ahh! The cover is amazing just like the other two in this series. So, so eye catching! I was super excited to get my hands on this baby!

 But.... This one is definitely my least favorite of the three. :( It started out with a bang, I was loving it, and then it just started to feel like I was walking in circles. It's hard to describe. The characters & overall world built in this novel, the twist on the old fashion 7 dwarfs, was great. It was dark, gritty, and full of action. 

The first bit when you're trying to learn who is who was a little difficult. It was a tiny bit hard to keep up with because so many characters were introduced so quickly which jumbled up my mind a little. I loved the Huntsman but would've loved to have seen more of him in the present and not so much in the past. I won't lie... I sort of skipped several flashbacks because I felt like the story wasn't  moving in the present fast enough. I wanted to see more of the Huntsman & Snow White together. Just them interacting and not so much back and forth. I truly loved the dwarfs but I won't lie and say that they're easy to keep up with. LOL It's hard to remember and really create their identity within your imagination and hold it there when there are so many other characters bouncing around.

I know of all of that sounds so negative... ack. I don't mean to be a total debbie-downer because at the end, I really did enjoy the novel overall. The pace of the novel picks back up near the last quarter and I didn't want to put it down. It sort of had highs & lows for me. I'll definitely continue to read anything else this author puts out. This one just didn't quite live up to my hype. Maybe that's my fault. I've loved the other two sooooo much that I just expected the same thing from this one. : / 

So overall, I liked it, not my favorite, but I did like it. 

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars
Cover Rating: 5 Huge Stars
Plot: 3.5 Stars
Characters: 3.5 Stars
Climax: 4 Stars
Ending: 4 Stars

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