Thursday, August 10, 2017

Happy New Release! Runaway Girl by Anne Eliot

Runaway Girl
(Runaway Rockstar Series #1)
by Anne Eliot

Robin Love's father has been missing in action for over a year. A true proud army brat at almost eighteen, Robin already knows how to be strong and how to be her brother’s only family. Above all, she knows to pretend everything will be fine. Only, things aren’t fine. Robin discovered that her brother will get dumped in foster care when she leaves for college. So, she’s convinced him to run away with her instead.

They’ve vowed to stay together at all costs. Even if it means stealing food out of hotels, sleeping in the car, and lying about everything. Even if it means working as a secret nanny for a jerk rock star who only cares about his band. And even if it means trusting strangers while she formulates her plan. She never expects her lies to lead them to true friends and a real home. Nor does she expect to be attracted to the boss she's growing to hate, all because he refuses to act like the honorable and 'good father' she misses desperately.

But secrets like a runaway girl and a baby hiding with a famous band can’t be kept secret for long. Robin is also not the only one telling lies. When an accidental kiss—a kiss that never should have happened—threatens Robin’s ability to keep her brother, Robin will do anything to correct her mistakes. But this time, to save her brother, the cost might be her heart.

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About the Author:

Anne Eliot writes middle grade and young adult fiction full time. She's a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), Romance Writers of America (RWA), and Pikes Peak Writers. Anne lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. Anne's favorite thing to write about is a first kiss. She loves to hear from readers. For more information, please visit her website.

Connect with Anne:

My Review:

I LOVED this book. Robin is the girl that we all wish we could be should we ever be in a situation where we have to take care of our younger sibling. She's strong & determined to do the best she can for her little brother until her dad comes back. He's MIA.

I adored the plot of this story and didn't want the book to end. Granted, it ends on a slight cliffhanger so we're all patiently going to wait on Anne to finish her magic on the second book in the series.

The guys in the bad are truly awesomeness made over. You have your good boy, the bad boy, the sweet one.... The inside look into a rockstar's life behind the scenes sets such a great stage for this overall story's awesomeness.

I read this book in nearly one sitting because it was one I couldn't put down. The Runaway Girl ran away with my heart! I wanted to cheer for Robin & Royce as well as the others in the book!

Overall, huge 5 star review for me! I couldn't get enough and I can't wait until the next book! Eeeeep! <3 Robin & Royce.

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